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Innovate, or die.

The world's most valuable companies are all innovators - creating new markets, and outcompeting their rivals by consistently improving productivity.

New technology, global competition, and continuing change mean innovation is no longer an "optional extra".  It is a necessity for any organisation that wishes to survive.

Cambridge: a source of global innovation

Cambridge is a global centre of innovation, the source of ideas which, without exaggeration, have changed the world.

The legacy of +innovation includes:

  • pioneering work for Acorn Computers, developer of the ARM processor, which made possible the iPhone and other 'smart' devices;
  • development of the world's first personal pocketphone, ancestor of the 7 billion mobiles now carried by three-quarters of the world's population;
  • the origination of wireless data, now part of everyday life, and an essential part of the emerging 'Internet of Things';
  • the first practical demonstration of interactive services such as video-on-demand.

+innovation distils:

  • deep understanding of how innovation - from 'incremental' to 'world-changing' - happens in practice
  • hands-on experience of innovation which has produced dramatic results
  • a track record of advising more than 50 of the world's leading organisations

.... into a practical approach that can be applied to any organisation, in any sector.

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